SEO benefits you to expand your business and your website at a wider reach. Usually, search is the main way through which a user comes across different sites. SEO stands for search engine optimisation is one of the favourable ways to create organic traffic on your websites. SEO benefits in such ways that it ranks a page a higher category (by generating organic leads) when you surf a page or website on a search engine such as Google.


The benefits of SEO:

  • SEO is the key factor to expand your business digitally. In today’s era, digital marketing has become significant for every start-up and even for the running business to strengthen their base and focus more on the reach. SEO for franchises result in breaking the barricade of reaching a limited audience.
  • Whenever you search, the result comes up as an ordered list. And the ones who are on the first page are the ones with higher traffic as compared to other links. That means the top results are prioritized to be searched more by the people leading to generate 40-60% of traffic on that particular page. Only 2% to3% of searchers clicks beyond the first page of search results.
  • Therefore, a small improvement in search engine ranking can lead to better results in the website receiving more traffic and expanding business globally or to an unexpected geographical boundary. This is how SEO benefits a business.
  • These days manipulating a client is much easier than it was in previous days. There are other ways through you can create traffic on your website where your site may come upon the search result page.
  • Maybe you can generate leads to generate traffic but it will not work unless it makes your business grow to an extent. Successful search marketers are aware that traffic is not just a segment to be relied on, but what it concludes when it arrives on your site is more important.
  • SEO is not itself enough for a business to grow digitally unless it converts your traffic into paying customer. To overcome this problem CRO (conversion rate optimization) plays an important part.

In today’s market, the competition is fierce. If you have a blog or website, you have to realize that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a role to play in your success. Remember that search engines serve millions of users every day looking for solutions to their problems. Majority of search engine users these days do not go over a handful of websites. They will trust the top-ranking sites.

You will be left out if you’re not on top or at least on the first page of the results page. The ranking is indeed important, and it should not be understated. There are many strategies to be on top. You can start by inserting meta tags, building backlinks, establishing a strong social media presence, presenting product images, researching keywords and more importantly, content writing. Of all basic strategies, content writing is the king.

Here are the reasons why content writing is significant for SEO:

Google needs content to rank your website

If you do not have content, Google will not be able to rank your site. In normal Google selection, it will rank text – written content. If you write content, you’re giving Google something to rank. It will also tell Google what keywords your content should be ranked.

article creator

Publishing content will also increase site traffic and improve site relevance. It does not end there because you need to update your content regularly. You can write, or you can consider the Article Creator for convenience.

Content writing features the strategic use of keywords

Keywords are important because it will allow users to find you. Keywords matter and you can judge the significance of the keywords by the fact that ranking will depend on whether you used keywords in the title or not. Having the right keyword and strategically place it in content writing will satiate Google.

Social validation can be obtained through the quality content

If you promote your website, it’s making sure that your audience can find your content through social networking sites. Google wants social validation, and it can be obtained through quality content writing.

Quality backlinks can be obtained through the quality content

People want to link to you because they value what you’re publishing. You have to keep in mind that it’s not about which site has the greatest number of links. It’s about who has the most quality links. Your goal here is to create the best product site so people will link back.

These are the top reasons why content writing is significant for SEO. If you rank well, it will translate to boosting sales in whatever online business you’re in.