Instagram victim of a hack: how to protect your account?

How to secure instagram? How to secure my  instagram account? How to secure my instagram profile? How to protect my instagram to avoid being hacked into my account? How to adjust the security settings? How not to be found on instagram? How can I protect my instagram photos so they do not appear on the Internet without my consent? How to lock my account in order not to be indexed in Graph Search? If instagram is of strategic importance to your business, the question of the security of your account is an issue not to be overlooked. Especially since instagram is making efforts to help you better control your privacy and puts tools in place to prevent hacking of your account. To avoid problems with  account theft and hacking, there are several good practices to follow.

At the places where you connect:

 Public computers, Internet rooms, Wifi spots sometimes because of theft of passwords, viruses and malware.

 To computers where you leave your password:

An active session on your friends’ computer, desktop computer or even your personal computer may allow someone who wants to spy on you or cause you harm to post on your behalf or change your password. InstaPwn password hacker is not so easy

Instagram victim of a hack

The links you click:

links that are difficult to find on your instagram wall or email can lead to websites that look like for example a well-known site (bank site, login page to instagram ). Always check the address to which the message points before clicking.

  To your downloads:

 Pay attention therefore to the links sent in private courier asking to download a file (even sent by a friend, in fact the latter can itself be hacked and serve as a guarantee to the hacker to deceive you)

  • To applications instagram to which you give access to personal data on your account: some applications can publish on your behalf on your wall or generate notifications without you noticing it.
  • Protect your Instagarm account with a powerful password
  • When creating your Instagram account, use a unique password that is difficult to hack using:
  • A password with no special meaning (avoid 12345, your date of birth, “password” or the name of your fiancée)
  • A word combining upper and lower case letters and numbers
  • A password that you do not use on other online services
  • Never click on the suspicious links received in Instagram email inbox or posted on your wall. You could be redirected to a page identical to Instagram or a known site (bank in particular) where you will be asked to reconnect to steal your credentials.
  • Always use the latest version of your browser and antivirus.

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