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Music is a universal language, and it has no boundaries. If you have a keen interest in music, then Tom Lee Music might be the best option for you. People certainly try out many places before they find the one that suits them right, but with Tom lee, your search should come to an end.

Tom Lee Academy has earned the trust of many and is well known in many parts, especially in Canada.

About Tom Lee academy

Tom lee Music was founded in 1969 and was dedicated to bringing music-making to the community. It offers a wide range of music courses for children, teens, and adults through our Great Vancouver and Island locations.

The academy believes that the study of music will enrich the lives of each student. It contributes to a sense of achievement and self-worth. It aids in the development of coordination, self-discipline and provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

Piano distributor 

Yamaha has been making world-class acoustic pianos for over a century. These instruments are the top choice of artists, teachers, students, and institutions worldwide. Yamaha never compromises its quality, and that’s why they are one of the best-selling companies to date.

With this yamaha hosts events in which the company itself distributes some of the yamaha pianos to show their participation with society. There are so many different varieties of pianos like grand, classic acoustic, upright, spinet, electric, player and stage, etc., that are staged for distribution. If you ever want to be the lucky prize winner, then stay tuned to yamaha’s official website. That’s all about yamaha piano distributor.

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