Consider These Points For company registration services

Hong Kong attracts foreign enterprises and innovators. The following are the main reasons why businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs should establish a business in China’s Special Administrative Region:

  • The mainland’s proximity;
  • Excellent location in the Asia-Pacific area along the east-west trade route;
  • Availability of trade, talent, and investment;
  • A regulatory and tax system that is beneficial to business;
  • The city’s status as a worldwide financial hub; and
  • Excellent network.

In Hong Kong, the company registration procedure is also relatively simple and easy. Choosing a professional service provider expedites not only the registration process but also simplifies post-incorporation requirements such as acquiring a license, opening a bank account, and maintaining continuous regulatory compliance.

Basic requirements 

  • Company name
  • Appoint a Designated Representative (DR) Directors of Limited Companies
  • Shareholders of Limited Company.
  • Company Secretary
  • Share Capital
  • Local Hong Kong address
  • Taxation
  • Annual compliance requirement
  • Government Charges (on or after 1 April 2019)

Why hire a professional firm?

The professional consulting firm you have hired to form your Hong Kong corporation will generally handle all of the essential processes from start to finish. Hiring a professional and service-oriented company is critical because the relationship will continue long-term. They will provide you with all the hk company registration services, including reserving your preferred company name and completing the appropriate incorporation documents (including Articles of Association) to be filed with the company registrar.

You must sign these documents, fill out the incorporation forms, and submit them to the company registrar to acquire a certificate of incorporation, obtain a certificate of business registration from the inland revenue authority, assist the client in establishing a bank account.

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