Know About Cold chamber die casting

Know About Cold chamber die casting

Die casting is an industrial process that is used to make the desired product. This process is known for manufacturing goods with convenience and accuracy. Die casting has become very popular as it is cost-efficient in comparison to other production processes. Some factories use cold chamber pressure die casting for aluminum alloys.

Information related to Die casting:

Die Casting has given a revolution in the working of the industry with its excellent functioning. This industrial is not only efficient for manufacturing but also saves the company’s production cost. The factories use cold chamber die casting to produce precise casings. But hot chambers can also produce precise casings and they are most faster and convenient in comparison to the cold chamber process.

After using die casting in the industries there is less chance of material scrap. The non-ferrous is commonly used as an alloy for die casting.

Die casting is a modern technology used in industries:

  • Die casting is used to manufacture dimensionally accurate parts
  • Die casting provides a smooth finish
  • Non-ferrous metals are used for die casting
  • This manufacturing process can be very economical
  • The industries will get visually appealing products
  • Industries will get more durable parts
  • Die casting is used in industries due to its close tolerances
  • Additional tooling is not required

Aluminum is the most used alloy in industries. It has suitable characters that made it a perfect choice:

  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensional stability
  • Surface finishes
  • Durable

There is one disadvantage of using aluminum alloys that they can easily get shrinkage.

Zinc is also used for die casting due to its suitable properties:

  • High ductility
  • Impact resistance
  • Close tolerances
  • Rigidity

cold chamber pressure die casting

The disadvantage of using Zinc alloys

  • Porosity
  • Burn mold
  • Needs close monitoring

Know more about the cold chamber process:

  • Aluminum and brass are used in this process
  • This process uses vertical force
  • This process is beneficial to make durable parts
  • Creates Denser casings
  • Industries can get Stronger parts
  • There is a need for a furnace for metal heating
  • It is a slower method of production
  • There is the use of an external furnace
  • Higher pressure applied
  • This method is suitable for metals that have higher ebullition
  • Machinery remains cooler in this process
  • Metals with high ebullition such as aluminum used for this method
  • The end product has a smooth finish
  • Precise castings
  • Castings with excellent mechanical properties


But the hot chamber is more efficient for industries as this provides a more fast and convenient process. The hot chamber system in the industries enables excellent production rates.

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