Things to look out for before buying a pre owned car

Nowadays car is a common vehicle in almost every home. Everyone are not buying new cars as it is not that easy due to financial situations. So people are buying used cars instead of new ones. One can buy used cars in online sites and even in offline stores. Few things should be checked for before buying so that you won’t fall in trap or end up buying a used cars in el cajon with many problems.

Test Drive

If the car is in good shape and everything is running fine, why would anyone refuse a test drive. Of course, this point is perhaps more difficult when the seller is an individual, but when the car is sold by a dealership, it is essential to be able to go around the block at least. It is in walking that imperfections can be detected, noises or strange behavior heard .


Before starting any purchase, make sure that the car complies with all existing regulations and regulations.  For this, the following documentation must be reviewed, which will be the one that must be presented to make the transfer:


  • Police verification in which they check the data of the engine, the engraving of the chassis and the auto parts.
  • The current VTV behicular technical verification.
  • Free debt violations.
  • Ownership report: this will determine if the vehicle has liens.

This documentation must be kept by the seller individual or dealer and a purchase operation should not proceed if all this has not been done, since the transfer process will be observed and it will not be possible to continue until the problem is resolved.


In the current context, it is important to approach dealerships that offer financing options for their customers.  It is worth checking if there is financing at a fixed or variable rate and if it is with public or private banks.  Those reliable dealerships are the ones with a wide variety of options.


The best way to buy with peace of mind is with a guarantee.  More and more dealers are offering extended warranties it can be for three or six months.

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