Residential Interior Design as a Profession

Building a structure to live in is not the only thing an architect does. Making it livable is what they do too. Interior design is an essential element of architecture. It means to decorate the interior of a building or a room. Another aspect of interior design is residential design. Building the interior of a house, apartment, or wherever people live is called residential interior design.

 Duties and responsibilities

These interior designers have slightly different responsibilities. They should exhibit creativity and relevant engineering skills. The following are some of the responsibilities:

  • Communication-Int Design is a profession where you have to buildup spaces to live. So, you need to maintain good relations with the clients. They must have the writing and verbal skills to demonstrate their plan to the clients.
  • Creativity and engineering skills- While planning a design, designers must consider all the safety measures and technical factors. They should possess the ability to produce creative designs and the knowledge to deal with lighting, colors, and texture.
  • Management skills- A business-oriented mind and great management skills are necessary to excel in this field. Planning techniques, convincing skills, and pitching techniques will help you a lot.

 Qualifications required

You must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture, and then, you must do a specialization in residential design. You will be taught about computer-based designing, design materials, and design spaces. To be considered a residential interior designer, you must have a bachelor’s degree, two years of experience, and cleared state-approved examination.


It is one of the kinds of architecture that is never going to outdate. People will always need space to live, and this profession will always keep growing.

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